Dave Sills

All about Dave

"What kind of music do you play?" is a question that Dave Sills finally came up with an answer for. "For years I never had an answer to that. Do I just start naming bands that I like? Is it Americana? Roots-rock? Power-pop? Folk-rock? I don't know, I just write what I write," he says. "So now, if someone asks that, I just say, 'good music.' Then I follow it up by asking them if they like good music. No one ever says 'no' to that. So then I'll say, 'Well you'll like my music then.'"

Dave has performed all around Chicagoland at places like SPACE, FitzGerald’s, Martyrs, The Old Town School of Folk Music, The Law Office Pub & Music Hall, and the WXRT mainstage at The World’s Largest Block Party. Though he does frequently get called upon to play solo shows (opening for the likes of Peter Himmelman, Teddy Thompson, Glen Phillips, and others), he really enjoys getting to perform with his band.

While Chris Walke (lead guitar, pedal steel, lap steel) has been playing with Dave for the better part of 20 years, the rhythm section of Justin O'Connell (drums) and Adam Gardner (bass) are more recent additions to the fold. "Justin had been playing drums with some friends of mine so we knew each other. Then we did a few gigs together as a fill-in and I really liked his drumming," Sills explains. Adam had recently moved back to the area after a stint in Nashville and through mutual friends, met Justin. The two hit it off and soon formed The Tchotchkes - a set rhythm section that would feature a different front person for every show. When The Tchotchkes asked Dave to play one of their shows, he invited Chris along "to play all the difficult parts."

"From the very first rehearsal, I knew we had something special," said Dave. "We all did."

Sills' original plans for the recording of his next album were scrapped and decided to make the entire record with Walke, O'Connell, and Gardner. He felt had finally found the right combination and with Gardner producing and engineering, they began recording what will be Sills' fifth studio album. "I'm having the best time working with these guys. They truly play in service to the song. It's never about making themselves stand out. I can't wait for people to hear this record!"