Dave Sills

Give Up The Sky

Dave Sills
words & music by Dave Sills


Oh blue, please give up the sky Oh sun, sun, sun, why must you shine Just when I’m feeling a little rain might do me good My baby, she’s stopped coming around And I’ve heard the talk, talk, talk, all over this town That lately she’s stepping out with someone new And there’s nothing I can do I could really use the clouds and the gray To block out the cruel light of day, right about now Night falls, but I don’t want to sleep ‘Cause I’ll only dream, dream, dream that she’d come back to me And wake up just to find myself alone Still on my own Block even the the moon from my sight And turn off every star that’s alight in the night The sun comes up and nothing has changed I need some rain to wash her away, right about now Oh blue, please give up the sky Dave Sills: vocals, acoustic guitar Gerald Dowd: drums Scott Stevenson: organ Chris Walke: electric guitar Tom Jancuaskas: bass