Dave Sills

The Same Every Time

Dave Sills
words & music by Dave Sills


Words drip like honey from your tongue And I get stuck on every one Salt-water eyes, they lead me on You call knowing I will come And you pull me from the straight and narrow Break my bones and suck the marrow I suffer all your slings and arrows Every time it’s the same I built a wall up all around Just to try keepin’ you at bay But with one smile you brought it down My will crumbles and decays For you I beg and steal and borrow And though I know you’re gonna leave me hollow I’ll put that thought off ‘til tomorrow Every time it’s the same To your gravity I yield Stuck in your magnetic field Held fast in your sway Though I’ve heard this one before I’ll turn the final page once more Though the end don’t ever change Cause it’s not a fairy tale or fantasy I know what happens in the final scene There’s no ever after happily Every time Every time Every time it’s the same Dave Sills: vocals Gerald Dowd: drums Scott Stevenson: organ Tom Jancauskas: bass Chris Walke: electric guitar Larry Rossi: trumpets & trombones