Dave Sills

Keep Running

Dave Sills
Dave Sills


Dave Sills: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar (rhythm)

Chris Walke: electric guitar (lead)

Gerald Dowd: drums

Tom Jancauskas: bass

Scott Stevenson: organ


Regrets one or two A thousand more than a few I keep waiting for the truth to be a lie I’m just imitating life Stuck at this stoplight Never open up my eyes to see it turn green I keep running Running from the light In the movie of my life I’m an extra Will the silence ever cease I can’t get any peace From this damn midnight disease that runs in my veins In a puddle of rain I wrote down your name But I could not make it fade from my memory I keep running Running away from love I know why I’m so scared of getting close to you Don’t you think you could do better Can’t even keep myself together What is it that you ever saw in me You’ll just end up disappointed I’m someone who should be avoided If I stayed you’d eventually see So I’ll keep running I’ll keep running Running away from love Praying to G-d above you’ll forget me I’ll keep running Don’t try to follow me Cause I know I could never be what you deserve I keep running Keep on running written by Dave Sills published by Dave Sills (ASCAP) (c) (p) 2001, all rights reserved From the album Sometimes Nothing (WSR 002)

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