Dave Sills

Put The World Away

Dave Sills
Dave Sills & Gerald Dowd


Dave Sills: vocals, acoustic guitar

Chris Walke: electric guitar, steel guitar

Gerald Dowd: drums, percussion

Tom Jancauskas: bass


Folded hands A pair of hearts Cut them out In little stars Pin them up Upon the night Next to that lone Slow-blinking eye And put the world away Tumble through A fever dream A message there In the mirror steam It’s hard to find The difference Between truth And consequence So put the words away There are ghosts In this bed Whisper what Can not be said Louder than The trumpet’s call A leap of faith Starts with a fall And puts the world away written by Dave Sills & Gerald Dowd published by Dave Sills (ASCAP) (c) (p) 2005, all rights reserved From the album Waiting Room (WSR 003)

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